177-366: Not At ISTE 2012

June 25, 2012

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I was not able to attend the ISTE conference this year but am hoping I can make it to the conference next year. It will be in San Antonio which would be a reasonable drive from Memphis, especially since I can make a pit stop at my parent’s house in Louisiana.

Because there are so many great Tweets coming through the #iste12 hashtag, I am getting tons of good information, even in my absence. I have collected some of the tweets thanks to Martin Hawksey‘s Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v3. Google spreadsheets do have a limit and I have, for the first time, reached it. Currently the archive is split into two sets: Set One and Set Two. This is not all the tweets, of course, but it should be plenty to keep me busy for now. I expect that a more complete archive will be made available someplace. I will put a link here when I have it. Also, see the #iste2012 hashtag.

Educators NOT AT ISTE2012 can also follow and tweet on the #nai2012 hashtag. I am following that one too!


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