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October 7, 2012

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Neat Stuff

FYI – My “Neat Stuff” posts are from emails I send out to the faculty at my school. I share them here because I think they may helpful to others.

EdCanvas - -  Create an interactive online lesson with this brilliant site. Upload and curate all the resources for a lesson in one place and access them with one click. The site works with Office files, PDFs, flash files, small videos, images and internet links and even connects to Google Drive and Dropbox. Then simply share the link with anyone who need to use view it. (h/t to Martin Burrett -

Getting Started Using Learnist In The Classroom – A Pinterest-like web application for educators.

JeopardyLabs - Jeopardy is a popular quiz show and a great format to use in the classroom. This is an easy to use Jeopardy quiz creator. Make your quiz by choosing a password and filling in the boxes for categories, questions and answers. Your quiz is published online along with many others to browse through. Use the search box to find what you want.

Maths Stuff – Many interactive flash activities covering a variety of math topics.

Road to Grammar - Many interactive flash activities covering English grammar.

Writing Prompts – Images as writing prompts. These are free for downloading but if you want to help support the efforts of this English teacher, Luke Neff, visit his “Teachers Pay Teachers” page - – where he has sets of Common Core Writing Prompts available for sale (20 image writing prompts for $1.99).

Add Speech Bubbles to Pictures with Preview in Mac OS X – Great for quickly making your own image writing prompts.

Steve Spangler Science - - A wonderful YouTube channel featuring over 400 science experiments and activities to try in your class. Each video is succinct and easy to follow.

Interactive Periodic Table Game – This game can help you understand patterns and trends within the Periodic Table. It can help increase your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of each element. Flash-based.

Minute Physics – A wonderful YouTube channel.

Tools for Musicians - – A wide variety of music-related web tools. Fun to play with even if you know nothing about music. Certainly helpful for music teachers and students.

Keen Talks - An independent online educational resource dedicated to curating various talks, lectures, presentations, interviews and debates. Their goal is to build a one stop destination for all users who want to learn and expand their knowledge in various fields like science, technology, health, psychology etc.

Download YouTube Videos Using Google Chrome

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