Neat Stuff: 2-12-12 (and a tip: Extracting PDF text)

February 12, 2012

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Neat Stuff

FYI – My “Neat Stuff” posts are from emails I send out to the faculty at my school. I share them here because I think they may helpful to others.

Tip of the Day:

Ever need to extract text from a PDF file but copying/pasting gives you a bunch of gibberish? Here is a way you can do that. This will only get the text and probably most of the text formatting (colors, bold, italics, etc). It won’t get document formatting (tabs, bullets, indentations, etc).

If you have a Mac, download the Extract PDF Text Automator application file from my website: Instructions for using the file are right there after the download link. The process is drag and drop and work pretty quickly. Once you have the text in .rft form you can copy and paste into any other program with no gibberish.


Neat Stuff:

Only 1 iPad in the Classroom? - – An article from Literacy Journal which presents way to make the most of having a single iPad in a classroom.

Google Demo Slams – See very creative and entertaining approaches to using Google’s various services.

APPitic -  – 1300+ apps for education. Very well organized directory!

BubbaBrain – This site provides “games” that are really more like a combination of flash cards and multiple choice quizzes. All grade levels and a wide variety of subjects and course material are covered including: AP courses, foreign languages, English, History, Math, Sciences, Family and Consumer Science, Business, Business Law, Accounting, Personal Finance, Economics, Government, SAT Vocabulary, Sociology. You can even make your won games after registering for a free account.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes – I know you English teachers don’t need this but I sure do! Includes are: who and whom; which and that; lay and lie; moot; continual and continuous; envy and jealousy; nor; may and might; whether and if; fewer and less; farther and further; since and because; disinterested and uninterested; anxious; different than and different from; bring and take; impactful; affect and effect; irony and coincidence; nauseous.

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