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August 9, 2011

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Neat StuffA Maths Dictionary for Kids – Over 600 math terms in an easy to use format.

GoogleCorrelate – I can see how this could lead to some interesting class discussions in a variety of subject areas. It also provides a real-world context for interpreting line charts and scatter plots. Google Correlate is an experimental new tool on Google Labs which enables you to find queries with a similar pattern to a target data series. The target can either be a real-world trend that you provide (e.g., a data set of event counts over time) or a query that you enter. Here are a couple of examples:

Google Image Chart Editor (Beta) – There is a blog post here ( explaining the site.

Isle of Tune – This is more of a stress-reliever than an educational tool. Create musical journeys from street layouts. You can view (and listen to) other people’s islands. Here are a few samples:

Hitting the Target – Learning angles  through sports.

Spirograph Math – From the website.

Verbs with prepositions – A very cool and education info-graphic. Creating info-graphics as a project might be a neat idea.

Writing a Research Paper – Developed in conjunction with Seaford Public Schools. Information regarding each step of writing a research paper.

How To Teach With GoogleEarth – Lots of neat ideas. On the “Pedagogy in Action” website. Main website also has ideas for teaching with simulations and spreadsheets, using issues to teach science, using media to enhance teaching and learning.

Test Your Vocabulary – A quick three-part test: the first part with a handful of words to determine the general vocabulary level, a second part with a larger but narrower selection of words to determine the vocabulary level with greater precision, and a final (optional) survey to collect statistical information.

“The Best Online Sources of Images” – A blog article with a collection of great links.

Open ClipArt – Free clip art.

20 Commonly Misused English Words and Phrases

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